Aloha! 🌸

Well, this is me! On this exciting little journey down blogging lane! Who knows where we will travel, what gems may be uncovered from here on in…(exciting isn’t it?! Bit like Bagpuss, wondering what Emily will bring to the old shop next!!)

My aim is simple; to share with you the goings on in this little Aloha family of which I am Mother to 3 – Twin 1, Twin 2 & brand new Bubs,wife to Hubs, chin rub provider to Cat, & friendly face to our 2 Guinea Pigs.

With a background in Dance & Performing Arts as performer, choreographer & Lecturer, I shall be actively seeking out theatre performances, dance shows & drama projects created for & by children & young adults. Mostly in & around the South West but hopefully, also with the possibility of further afield.

Some aspects of this blog will cover other areas of me, The Aloha Mummy…

Fitness (as I try to regain my pre-baby body) with help from my amazing friend & former student, now a hugely successful Personal Trainer.

Homestyle & Crafts a glue gun, left handed scissor  & craft knife look into the life of a creative Mum! Warning May Contain Glitter! ‘May’ contain glitter, who am I kidding…will most certainly contain glitter!!

Circle of Friends where there will be adventures, nights out & quite predictably alcohol fuelled craziness!

So, join me as I throw my thoughts & discoveries out there… for all to see…open to comments…from all opinions…from anybody…(Gulp!) & breathe!

Here we go…Jeronimoooo!!


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