Chalk Board Hijack!!

7 Chalk Board Hijack

For those of you who have read the goings on of my life, my Aloha Mummy wisdoms (Phah!!) thus far, you will have noticed that for each of my post titles I use my beloved heart shaped chalk board (if you’re interested on how this generation has become so enamoured with their chalk boards I refer you to one of my previous posts – Keep Calm and Get Your Chalk Board! ) to write the title of my work on and then take a snap of it to use as the photo to make my work look fancy, draw in your eye, and trick you into reading!!


Well now, my gorge little Twinboes have an eagle eye. Any new crafting item they discover that they have not yet had a go with becomes as tantalising as sought treasure! As gold is to Pirates; As adventure is to Captain Kirk; As tat in a skip is to Kirstie; As rubbish is to a Womble (bit similar to the Kirstie analogy that – soz…although, is Kirstie in fact a Womble in disguise….probably another post in itself that one!); As multiple marathons are to Eddie Izzard (right you get the point by now I’m sure), Twin 1 and Twin 2 simply MUST investigate! They must inspect the item visually. They must hold the item physically. They must work and use the item creatively. They must create something unique! *kisses fingers and releases said kiss into the air like an Italian Pizza Chef.


My chalk board.

Just sitting innocently on the dining table.

With the chalk pen right beside it.


Hubs and I were out in the garden fixing up the Twins’ tent for their sleep out in the garden – one of their 30 Days Wild acts; they had even set their alarm for 4.30am to wake them up so that they could listen to the Dawn Chorus (another post right there folks! ), God I love my Twins and their love and embracement of nature! They were rather excited about the prospect of sleeping outdoors in the back garden for the night – what would they hear….?!

Twin 1 – “We might hear an Owl!”

Twin 2 – “Ooh we might hear a hedgehog!!”

Twin 1 – “We might hear a fox!!!”

Twin 2 – “We might even hear a badger!!!!”

The Aloha Mummy (Nonchalantly) “You’ll definitely hear the donkey in the morning!” (somewhere nearby, the farmer who has the fields at the back of our garden has the loudest donkey you have ever heard, but I can’t help but smile when I do hear it; it just sounds like its having such a good belly laugh!)

Twin 1 & 2 “Ahhhhh, mmmm.”

Twin 1 “Yes. We can’t NOT hear that!”

And so, whilst I was outdoors lovingly setting up their bedding and preparing them a fantabulous midnight snack, their curiosity over the chalk board and pen got the better of them.

I returned to the dining table to find their own little creation which read

From Twin 2 – Camping in back garden!

From Twin 1 – What fun it will be! I am excited!

Completed by a little sketch of their tent and a crescent moon. (I refer you to the post photo!)

Now, I didn’t have the heart to wash it off! I know, push over Mum right?! The things is, is that I love everything they create; I would have kept Every.Single.Thing. they had ever drawn, written, coloured if I could! So….I went and bought myself a new chalk board…plus had a little jaunt around Hobby Craft whilst I was in there! I treated myself to some new, colourful chalk pens whilst I was at it! OOOh, I’m such a rebel!

And so I have created this post using my new chalk board and the one that the Twins had claimed!

But….there were now new pens to be investigated. Colours like delicious sweeties in retro jars. A few days later this is what I found…on my newest chalk board!!!

7 Chalk Board Hijack 2

They have seen me documenting things via the medium of chalk board and now they are doing the same!! Monkey See Monkey Do! Twins’ Documentation of a School Beach Life Saving course!!

Still. Doesn’t matter. I’m off to Hobby Craft again tomorrow and that is never a bad thing! (Unless you’re my Hubs, who then sees how much is being spent in there and worries where I will store what is bought there!!)

Ho Hum!

The Aloha Mummy 🌸

P.S Turns out the new chalk pens I purchased are not very wash-off-able. They are, in fact, pretty bloomin’ stubborn. Who knew?! They’re chalk based for the love of Norma!! Sneeze and chalk disappears even quicker than the Dad’s when it’s Maypole practice!! Not these ‘Arnie-of-the-chalk-world-pens’……

Back to Hobby Craft for yet another heart shaped chalk heart slate!! (Sssshhh!)


Diary of an imperfect mum



12 thoughts on “Chalk Board Hijack!!

  1. turningupindevon says:

    Totally delightful! Your posts are like a breath of fresh (Devon) air! Did loads of my snorty laughs during and throughout. Loved the ‘as tat in a skip is to Kirsty!’ can you do some more of these pls? We get highjacking in our house – usually the littlest hijacking my slice of cake! Slightly random but I hope you’ll be Devon Cream tea-ing tomorrow on the big cream tea day! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. whitecamellias says:

    Brilliant. I love the way you use the chalk boards and I think you might be in Hobby craft a lot now the twins have discovered how much fun they are 😉 Like you I also keep every little thing my kids make (my husband thinks I’m mad). I have a feeling that soon you will have a nice little collection of chalkboards with little messages and drawings from the twins. #stayclassymama

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Back With A Bump says:

    Damn you. You’ve just got me questioning if I should camp out with the big one one night this summer? Why would I even think that could be a good idea. And as for Kirstie being a womble then yes I think she might be. A posh womble that lives in a “hise” though!

    Liked by 1 person

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