Toasties & canoes in Cornwall; a flying visit!

Ah, how lovely it is to have a little break! A few days in Cornwall has restored my energy, we have had some lovely family time and it was our first mini-break with Bubs!!  We had just the one night away – bit of a see how Bubs copes scenario!  Brilliantly is the answer! And thankfully the room had air conditioning so Hubs did spontaneously combust! (Always a bonus!)




We met up with family in Truro and immediately headed to Truro Cathedral for the slate signing, Roof Appeal. My Mum had done it about a year ago and now with Bubs’ arrival we felt we should do another one!  Twin 1 and Twin 2 shared a slate, drawing around their hands and adding Bubs’ name whilst Mum did a little family tree slate which links back to my great-grandfather who was born in Tregony in Cornwall in 1889.


Roof slates done we had a spot of lunch in the Cathedral Refectory, which was utterly delicious! The bread alone was incredible! Huge and granary, just the way I like it!


We then skipped over to the National Trust property; Trelissick. A wonderful house and gardens with views over the water down to Falmouth and Pendennis Castle. Of course we enjoyed some ice cream, watched swooping swallows, had a spot of badminton on the lawn, posed for some family snaps and then headed to the hotel, within 5 mins of Trelissick.


Bubs taking in the majestic outlook!


Lappa Valley


The next day, the Twins having filled up (yes…totally FILLED up!) on the buffet breakfast we drove to the Lappa Valley. We had been here when the Twins were about 3 and the little train ride to get to the activity-filled play area always makes me think of the book The Forest of Boland Light Railway by Denis Watkins-Pitchford otherwise known as BB – a book about gnomes and goblins and the battle over a railway! With dappled light falling between the leaves and bouncing on the tracks it was simply perfect.

The boating lake was the biggest hit of the day and saw Hubs and I in a canoe alongside the Twins! Ah bless, seeing them work together (HAA! Not!) to get the canoe to travel in the direction they want (urrr…nope!); watching them gracefully glide their paddles through the lake (aka bop the one in front’s head and leave a trail of duckweed on their back!); listening to their calm voices (“You’re paddling the wrong way!”…”No you are!”)….hilarious family bliss! Almost Swallows and Amazons!

After hours here enjoying the play fort, giant slide, climbing frames and crazy golf we headed back to the car to head down to Fowey and get a spot of grub for our journey home. The Twins had another night with our family so it was a trip to Fowey for Hubs, Bubs and moi!



Carrying Bubs in the baby pouch was a grand idea as the lanes in Fowey are very narrow and busy so it took the hassle out of negotiating our route with the buggy. Being from South Devon I am very familiar with places like Dartmouth, Salcome, Shaldon etc and Fowey felt like a Cornish version of these. _20160810_123123Beautiful, unique shops, teeny tiny roads that were oh so ideal for smugglers back in the day, pretty white yachts bobbing on the water, stunning views across the river, streets bedecked with carnival bunting and fantastic places to stop for food.

We had been lured to Fowey by the description of a particular Three-Cheese toastie from Lazy Jacks Kitchen. Oh boy we were not disappointed! We found Lazy Jacks right away and hopped right in! _20160810_123052.JPG


A tiny little shop filled with incredible aromas, lots of Darth Vader trinkets (Hubs in his element!) some friendly banter with Mr Lazy Jack, and a most amusing sign…..




We even tasted their Lime and Chilli ice cream…slightly dubiously given some of the reactions I had seen others have from the Facebook footage! But I actually really liked it! I’ve never had an ice cream that was warm….until now!  I highly recommend it!


Back to the toastie!  I had been umming and ahhing as to whether I would have that or their equally very popular mac n’ cheese…I even considered asking for a mac n’ cheese toastie!…but due to it’s popularity the mac n’ cheese was all gone for the day (we had arrived about 4pm! Our fault!). So, toastie time it was!  Three cheese with red onion and tomato! Yummmmmmm! It oozed, it stretched, it gooooed and it tasted so damn good!!  We ate it whilst taking in the views of the river; successfully dodging a few mean looking seagulls (I wonder what they’d make of the chilli ice cream…..!) The tastiest toastie around & Hubs does pride himself on his toastie! The next time you are in Fowey, do not miss out…GO TO LAZY JACKS!!!


Cheesy Toasty Delight!

Following our heavenly savouriness we decided to have a quick coffee, give Bubs a bottle and then head home. A lovely coffee and a yummy biscuit hit the spot, Bubs was happy, Hubs was fed and watered, I had finally made it to Fowey after years of wanting to visit so now all that remained was the journey home.



Cant wait to go back to Cornwall and Fowey…Twin 1 would love that ice cream!! I’m going to have it dipped in freezy chocolate dip next time too….what a rebel!

The Aloha Mummy 🌸

All opinions within this post are all my own.





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