Flossy and Jim; Illustrators Extraordinaire!

Flossy and Jim; Illustrators Extraordinaire!!


It has been my pleasure recently to have worked with local, award-winning illustrators Flossy and Jim. Their designs are vibrant, colourful, quirky and above all fun!  I sought them out for a secret project I have been working on and during this process I can absolutely say we have become good friends. (More on this at a later date!! Shhhh!)



They are a hugely creative couple, with degrees in Illustration and Visual Communication, who are bursting with ideas, bouncing with enthusiasm, overflowing with colour and fizzing with creativity! They are also supportive of good causes and on the national kids strike back in May they organised an event in Brixham which would be fun but also a learning experience for those children who were on strike from school for the day. That day those children learnt about news, media, politics and how to illustrate murals. They are proud sponsors and supporters of the charity Circus Starr, a touring Circus providing disadvantaged and vulnerable children, their families and community groups throughout the UK with free tickets to shows and raising money for local charities. More information can be found by following this link http://www.circus-starr.org.uk/



When I first met Flossy and Jim I was very much …pregnant! So much so (and with the SPD condition see previous post https://thealohamummy.wordpress.com/2016/08/25/spd-2-pregnancies-on-crutches/) that I was housebound and they drove to meet me at home from their lovely office in stunning Dartmouth. Their car is simply smile-inducing! I spied them coming along the road and as they parked up on my drive a little smile crept across my face – these were the people who could help bring my dreams to reality!



Over tea and cake (naturally!) we discussed my requirements and after a lovely morning which passed so quickly we had a project in place. We chatted about many a topic often veering away from what we were meant to be chatting about but these two are just so easy going and down to earth that you feel like you have known them all your life! We chatted about cake (Obvs!), nose piercings, autism, cave houses in Spain, bras,  England rugby players, babies, tattoos, weddings, rings and my project!

This couple is so enthusiastic about what they are creating and as such have won several awards for their business; most recently the #TorbayHour Social Media Awards for Best Business Blog Award but also Best New Business. They are now through to the finals for 3 categories in the Venus Awards in Devon:- Business Mother of the Year, Marketing of the Year and Customer Service! They have been busy giving talks about new business start-ups and networking, creating their own book range The Magical Unicorn Club , working with clients in America,  designing costumes of their character creations to bring them even more to life, collaborating with Boomf marshmallows and creating apps such as YUBL.


On top of this they have been establishing their homewares collection with designs featuring on cushions, mugs, towels, designing personalised portraits for clients, perfecting greetings cards, hair brushes, phone cases and Tote bags all with their distinctive designs and quirky slogans.  Oh and they’ve also got married (to each other!) and moved offices!!  They are now located at the very atmospheric Cockington Court complete with views out of the window to the horse and cart rides, cricket matches and a tea room on the ground floor! What more could you ask for…there is even a chocolate shop on site and in the festive season if you’re lucky you may even glimpse an Elf or two carrying out jobs under orders of the big man in a red suit! Magical!


They have given me some of their new line of products to have a look at and, although given to me for free, the opinions stated on here are of course honest and true to what I believe!


I was given one of their hair brushes featuring a very cute little iced gem and the slogan ‘You are a Gem’, a selection of greeting cards and 2 baby grow suits. I think one of the reasons I love their work so much is that it reminds me of when I was in Secondary School and my best friend and I had pens, pencil cases and bags with the Bang on the Door images of Spider, Bat, Aardvark, Hippo etc. We loved these designs and I still have the Spider pen even though it ran out of ink yonks ago!

The hairbrush is a bright yellow plastic brush with the design across the handle and back of the paddle. I have this in my gym bag. It makes me smile every time I use it and reminds me after a hard workout that I am indeed a gem! The brush runs smoothly through my hair and yes…I have had a good old sing along with the microphone hairbrush!! (But I am yet to pluck up the courage to film it and send it to them for their #hairbrushkaraoke!!) It’s a great brush and on their shop online you can choose from a selection of 4 different designs. Having used this product I would be happy to pay the £20.00.

The greeting cards I was given were of 4 different designs – You are a Gem, Cutie Pie, Totally Cray-Cray, and their signature blue Unicorn. They are square, blank so suitable for any occasion and such lovely bright colours that they would brighten anyone’s day and bring a smile to their face!

I am a bit* of a crafter (and dare I say it hoarder) so when I find cards that I really like I find it very hard to part with them!  I am thinking that with these I will create a little feature in Bubs’ bedroom, buy some square frames and display them on the wall!

The baby grow suits are bright yellow and just adorable! Flossy and Jim kindly gave us 2, one with the Cutie Pie design and one with Blue Unicorn and Bubs looks adorable in them both!! She does seem to have a long torso and legs for her age, and so is tending to be fitting a larger size of baby grow when it has feet, but as these were without legs at 4 months she fitted them just fine. They also make my washing line look wonderfully colourful when I hang them out to dry…I’m sure the neighbours are a little bit well jel!




I think that my overall top design is the dozy looking doe deer….I’m very close to ordering my own Dat Face Doe tote bag! I am also very tempted to have a portrait commissioned by this über talented Hubby and Wifey! They capture so much more than just an image when they create around your personal requirements and their customers are always super SUPER pleased with their finished artwork!  So come on! Let’s add to their already enormous work load and get commissioning our own portraits; let’s fill the world with Flossy and Jim images and brighten up our lives!



You can find all of their products online at http://www.flossyandjimshop.com/

Their website with information on all the fabulous work they do http://www.flossyandjim.com/

For a weekly giggle and to keep up with the busy live of this pair head over to their AWARD WINNING Blog http://flossyandjim.blogspot.co.uk/

Twitter @flossyandjim

Facebook Flossy and Jim Ltd


 *mega crafter; I am never without a speck or thousand of glitter!

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