Twas the night before Christmas…Twin Styleee.

Twas the Night Before Christmas…Twin Styleee

Christmas 2007 – Twins 23 months old


This is a poem that I adapted way back in 2007. The Twins were ill, Hubs was ill, I was ill. It was one of ‘those’ Christmases where all the best laid plans…well, you get my drift. We were members of the charity TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Birth Association) and if you have multiples and are not already members I strongly advise you to check them out.


And now, if you’re ready, I shall begin…



Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house

Snuffling and sneezing and coughing rang out.

The Twins were in bed with their old faithful bears

Whilst Mummy and Daddy tiptoed quietly downstairs.


The presents were placed ‘neath the tree with care

All neatly wrapped and tied up with flair.

The kettle was boiled and two mugs were got

Filled with powder of lemsip and drunken whilst hot.


The cake had been iced and needed to set;

Final decorations were undecided yet.

Due to strange lumps and bumps the cake looked quite lame,

So it was easiest to ice it and name it a ‘terrain’.


On one side the icing had run down and bunched

We decided that this was the ‘planned’ avalanche!

A snowman, reindeer, Santa and greeting

Were bunged on the top with no care or feeling.


 Paracetamol, tissues and lozenges collected

They were administered, eaten or sucked as directed.

Our bedroom which (apparently) stank of Olbas Oil

Did nothing to ease u our flu-riddled turmoil.


The Twins had suffered with tonsillitis.

There had also been bugs of flu and conjunctivitis.

We offered pink Calpol and yellow amoxicillin

To two toddlers whose mouths just were not that willing.


When arrived the next day after a crappy old sleep

The four of us lumbered downstairs in a heap.

Twins managed a look of wonder and awe

Though their eyes were streaming and noses red raw.


Energy was spent after a very short time;

The novelty of unwrapping lagged and demised.

Two boys crawled up onto the sofa and chair

They looked so ill and poorly with snot encrusted hair.


We went to see the Emergency Physician.

I would never have predicted we’d be in this position!

Nurses and Doctors, Chemist and Porter,

We’d seen the lot of ‘em on a day we shouldn’t ought’a!


 But, their kind words of empathy eased us a little

As by that point our nerves were really quite brittle.

A time for laughter, for joy and for peace,

Had pretty much passed by us (for this year at least).


 With eyedrops and Snuffle Babe filling our pockets

We opted for Tunes instead of honey Lockets,

Balm tissues were used to soothe our poor hooters

And no one felt in the mood to ride on the new scooters.


Christmas Day night arrived and not soon enough,

As I sat on my bed with my inhaler…’Puff’

Next day would improve I hoped and I prayed

So that packages could be opened and with gifts we could play.


After spending next noon and eve at my parents dwelling

I returned to my own home with tear ducts a swelling.

Boxing Day Shmoxing Day Hubby had work that night

Leaving a Frazzled Mum, with poorly Twins, in a whole heap of strife.


With Twins snuggled in bed I sang comforting tunes

That sent them to dreamland in fidgety snooze.

The songs which were heard sounded different to normal

As interspersed with ‘aachoos’ they were far from being formal.

“Twinkle (Sneeze) Twinkle (Cough) Little (Sniff) Star,

How (Shiver) I wonder (Sneeze) what (Splutter) you are”

I tried to sing beautifully despite my blocked nose

Who knew what the hour would be when they next arose.


When I came back downstairs I phoned a helpline,

For parents of multiples having a really rough time.

Time after time the phone line was busy…

Maybe I wasn’t the only fraught Mum in a tizzy?


Although I couldn’t talk thru my stresses and woes

It was comforting to know I wasn’t alone; on my own.

Comfort in realising that though-out the nation

There seemed to be others in my situation.


Twas the night after Christmas when all through the house

Snuffling and Sneezing and Coughing rang out.

The Twins were in bed with their faithful bears near

Here’s hoping next Crimbo goes off with more cheer.

Here is to wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Enjoy the time spent with your loved ones, put up with those family members who ‘do your nut in’, play a naff game of charades with your Aunt who’s had too many snowballs, wear a daft hat for dinner and forget you have it one for the rest of the day, hold a red cellophane fish on the palm of your hand and analyse your personality, eat, drink be merry and love your crazy family!!

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5 thoughts on “Twas the night before Christmas…Twin Styleee.

  1. The Mum Project says:

    Aw man tonsillitis is the worst! My son had this a few weeks ago and he would not go to sleep at all, I looked like a hot mess. Bags under my eyes and a wrinkly face (you know how you look older when you’re tired?). I hope you had a better Christmas this year! Happy new year!! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

    Liked by 1 person

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