The Beautiful Trainers!

Oh they are so pretty! Hubs gave them to me for Christmas and I love them!


When I was a dance student oh so many years ago I had this gorgeous pair of Adidas Gazelle Shell toe trainers, white with silver stripes. They have, until recently, been with me through thick and thin! From falling in rivers on Dartmoor to getting a make over on the day we did splatter paintings with the Twins when they were 3, to becoming my treasured and comfy gardening shoes.


Then came the day. A damp Autumn day in the garden. When I returned indoors my foot was wetter than the puddle it had walked through. There is was. The end of the trainer; a big part of the sole had come away from the rest of the shoe.

Gutted doesn’t even come near!  Now, I can hear you loud and clear! Its only a shoe! They’re only trainers! Don’t be so materialistic!  And yes, I agree with you! But these shoes were beyond comfy, they were an old friend!!

The time had arrived for me to part with them. I couldn’t actually bring myself to do it. I left them in the garage and instructed Hubs to  do what he must. When I next entered the garage….they were gone. I began to imagine for myself a little scenario. I pictured my trainers going up in a little glitter cloud of dust and that when that dust settled the trainers had magically disappeared. Passed on to another place where old trainers go to be happy.

It took me a long time to want to replace them. It was a tough decision but ultimately one I needed to do so. However, finding a replacement was not going to be easy.  There were no rescue centres for abandoned trainers, where a youthful pair of pumps would be waiting in a glass shoe box, gazing out at prospective new owners with their big, soul searching eyelets. No. No Battersea Daps Home for me.

Instead I happened one day to come across the right pair. As if by magic. As if my old trainers were in fact reaching out to me from another realm and telling me that now was the right time. My period of mourning could come to an end! There they were. Adidas Superstar Women’s Iridescent Dubai. Dazzling white with the colours of tropical waters glinting along the 3 stripes. My heart was taken. And my Christmas wish list begun.

Hubs did great and found the perfect pair of these beauties. I tried them on and they look gert lush. But. And there is a but.  It’s January. It’s a mild January. It’s a mild January in Devon. There is mud everywhere. I cannot bring myself to taint these gloriously white trainers in reddy-pink mud. Their first outing cannot be into this carnage. Springtime I have decided will be much more acceptable!

And so they sit in their box, eagerly awaiting the day when they get to do what all trainers are born to do. Dance across (dry) grass, skip through (non-horse pooed up) country lanes, jump over (non-gritted) roads and run along (non high tide seaweed strewn ) seafronts.

The time will come my friends and when it does it will be a glorious day. And I know that I will love those trainers just as much as my first ones!!!


The Aloha Mummy 🌺


Diary of an imperfect mum



When your life becomes a gif!!!

Over our first Christmas and New Year as a family of 5 I have had the highs and the lows of trying to organise. A.Lot of stuff, keep everybody happy, make sure we see as many family members as possible and still have that time to hunker down in pj’s in front of the fire whilst munching on cheese footballs, chocolate covered Brazil nuts and mince pies.


With Hubs working Christmas Day day and a Boxing Day night shift all of the above has been full on! Oh yeah, and we also needed to find time for the 5 of us to have our own crimbo celebrations!

As a huge lover of I love Lucy I feel that the following can quite simply and effectively illustrate me this festive season just passed.

When the realisation of Christmas shopping hit home…

Image result for i love lucy gif

But then I remembered (blame the baby brain folks!) that I had in fact already bought most of the gifts in the January Sales, online as I was housebound with the pregnancy…#smug

Image result for i love lucy gif

Whilst wrapping gifts in a super organised manner..


Watching Hubs/kids wrap their gifts…..

Image result for i love lucy gif

When I remembered a gift I had forgotten to wrap and that it was still stashed in the attic!

Image result for i love lucy gif.

The debacle with the gingerbread house template. The roof was far too small. Yes I measured correctly. No it wasn’t my fault. Yes the template was wrong!

Image result for i love lucy gif

The moment when we substituted the crap template roof for giant slabs of chocolate (which actually looked much more like tiles and looked great once the icing sugar snow was dusted!)

Image result for i love lucy gif

And what I did to the original WRONG SIZED template…

Image result for i love lucy gif

That moment when you open a gift that you bought for yourself to be from someone else to you – utter surprise…believable? Much?!

Image result for i love lucy gif

Singing at the kids school Carol Concert…in Church…without a song sheet…but vaguely remembering the songs from when I was at Primary School…playing Angel Gabriel!!

Image result for i love lucy gif

The obligatory game of Charades after dinner…I do get into the spirit of things!

Image result for i love lucy gif

One glass of Prosecco …yes…ultimate lightweight! I just don’t have the time to drink these days!  Or the money!

Image result for i love lucy gif drunk


I think I looked remarkabley like this as I went through the tub of Celebrations and ‘bagsied’ all the Malteser sweets…then stashed them in a very high up cupboard that the Twins can’t reach!

Related image

When Hubs asked for a Christmas card to write for work colleagues after I had already finished with cards put them back in the attic and was asked to go and fetch them again!

Image result for i love lucy gif

Helping out Santa by having a little nibble of the (somewhat dry) Mince Pie…good job there was a snifter of brandy to wash it down!

Image result for i love lucy gif

Oh yeah, the dubious drunken lighting of the Christmas Pud…thank God shell suits are no longer a thing! They’re not are they? Please no!

Image result for i love lucy gif

Ah, when Hubs had finally finished his Christmas shift pattern and we could snuggle and watch Morecombe and Wise, wear our new fluffy socks and be amazed that all the kids were actually asleep at the same time…at night! Woohoo!

Image result for i love lucy gif

New Years Eve! HootENANY!!!

Image result for i love lucy gif

Waiting for the delivery of this years January Sales bargains for Christmas 2017…if I smoked….which I don’t!

Image result for i love lucy gif

Certainly felt this way after a whole box of Just Brazils!

Image result for i love lucy gif

Trying on all the clothes I got for Crimbo…at the same time! Surely I’m not the only one who does this?!

And this! This is precisely how my brain functioned on my first Keeping in Touch day on Jan 3rd….JAN 3RD!!! Eeeeshk!

Image result for i love lucy gif

And there we have it folks! My Crimbo and New Year in a rather Lucy shaped nutshell!

How was yours? Who is your gif alter ego?!!

The Aloha Mummy 🌺

P.S this is how the gingerbread house ended up!


I am not claiming any of these gifs as my own, all credits have been left on the downloaded images.

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