It’s the Humidity… (or is it the Hormones?!)

So before pregnancy my hair was sleek,  flat and poker straight. (You may say, limp/ lifeless and fine!) Since my pregnancies things have somewhat changed!!


As a teenager I dreamed of having hair with volume and bounce. My best friend had a spiral perm and it looked ace! That’s for me I thought and convinced my Mum to book me into her hairdressers to get my own perfect perm.

I remember it vividly!  The smell of the ammonia, the blasting heat whilst I sat in the giant plastic hood dryer, the sophistication of reading a magazine whilst ‘having your hair done’ watching the perfectly coiffed women check their nails and request more coffee from the young apprentice.  I felt great!

The reveal came, spray and mousse applied and the mirror held behind me to check out the new locks.

They looked pretty damn good bouncing away! I literally had just stepped out of the salon when I had to walk home. Not far and not really that long a walk but by the time I’d got home the curls had dropped and I could see them sliding away.

That was the end of my perm phase and so I tried damp plaits over night, pink foam bendy pipe cleaner type things, all manner of suggestions to achieve this curl-icious look and all the same things happened. Glorious bounce in first reveal but by the time it came to leave the house for school (a mere 45 mins later) they’d drooped. A bit like Droopy’s ears but with a tiny wave at the end. I couldn’t understand it! My hair was fine, smooth and easy to style so why would nothing hold?



I gave up, admitted defeat, threw in the towel!

All through Uni it was straight, maybe a bit fly away but straight.

When I met Hubs it was straight. Straight on Millennium NYE, straight on our engagement party, straight on our wedding day. Strrrrrraight all the way up to the birth of our twins.  Then it all changed….

Soon after their birth the hair right at the back of my head was looking rather wavy. Still straight at the front and sides but the back was very different! Alien almost. Not what I was expecting, or by any way used to! Imagine if you will Bonnie Tyler at the back meets Cher at the front. Classy, I’m sure you’ll agree?

bonnie-tyler-1                                                 9148580a2ba1ecd6c082238db7b63871                                                               pinterest

I bought GHDs and just got on with life. A few times I tried to embrace the wave and bought all sorts of natural wave enhancing potions but none really worked. It was either dropping out or crisping up with the solidified mousses.

Abort!! Return to the GHD’s!

Ten years on and I was pregnant with Bubs. My hair was uber glossy, thick, voluminous and looking bloody brilliant!!  Pregnancy hair suits me!

Then, yesterday after the gym I just couldn’t be arsed to blow dry so I left it to air dry. Oh Me Oh My!!  The curls!!  The curls!! And now at the sides and front too! No longer do I simultaneously look like Bonnie Tyler at the back and Cher at the front! These curls are actually lush!!

Very similar to ….


and also a little bit…


As I’m trying to grow my hair longer for the Summer I am happily anticipating rocking the Boho surfer girl look. But, I need help and advice! How do I manage these ringlets of magic?! What products should I choose to use?!



And so I throw it out to you, your advice in your battle with the frizz,  your tips on creating these waves and curls that Mermaids dream of! I’m all ears….!

Also, have you experienced this phenomenon of pregnancy hair hormones? Did they visit you like Sleeping Beauty’s Flora, Fauna and Merriweather and completely change your barnet?! Are you happy with what they’ve granted you or is it more like a curse from Maleficent?!


I’d love to know!

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11 thoughts on “It’s the Humidity… (or is it the Hormones?!)

  1. Becki says:

    I have naturally wavy hair and I remember I would have given anything when I was younger to have poker straight hair like my mum and sister – back in the days before straighteners. These days it goes mad if I don’t get the chance to dry it, which is most of the time! I use an argan oil stuff on it which certainly tames a lot of the frizz. #marvmondays

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  2. Jade the parenting jungle says:

    I have very thick hair that is long with a wave to it that frizzes like a beast if I let it dry naturally. Sea salt spray is good in summer and low maintenance and I don’t blow dry it complexly dry as it dries out fast but I tend to sleep in two high buns like a school girl! Then put a bit of serum..I love that your hair has changed so much with pregnancy! Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Silly Mummy says:

    How strange, but pretty cool – I’m a fan of curls! Pregnancy didn’t change my hair much apart from the annoying short, fluffy hairline regrowth bits following the post-pregnancy malting! Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics

    Liked by 1 person

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