When you worry for a Rock Star!

There are some things in this world that are quite literally a phenomenon. Giant’s Causeway, Murmurations of Starlings, bioluminescent waves in the ocean caused by phytoplankton swarming, the Aurora Borealis, the list goes on and on and on.  But, I have one more phenomenon to add. It is not one of nature but one of human creation. It is an entirely manmade phenomenon and it is this…The Gum of Grohl.


Now, unless you are in fact one of these bioluminescent plankton, you will already have heard of and know a little about the rock singer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist that is Dave Grohl. He is of course, one third of Nirvana and now the front man of the frikkin fantastic Foo Fighters, amongst many many other pies, of which he has his fingers in. He is a legend. He is a scamp. He is funny – seriously the music videos! He is friends with Jack Black. He is a gent – responding to the wishes of 1000 Italian drummers to play in their country. He rocks a cheeky tash as well as he slinks about in women’s clothing; there seems to be no end to this mans obvious talent! Right down to his gymnastic gum antics!

He has the ability to chew gum for the entire duration of a gig – a highly charged energetic, dynamic, spectacle where he will leap, headbang, rock out- like only The Grohl can. Hell! He even fell off the stage, breaking his leg, said to the crowd in a most nonchalant manner ‘I think I just broke my leg!’, got carried off on a stretcher and returned back to the stage on a stretcher to finish the gig, after his leg was set in a cast!!! (seriously look it up on You Tube!) As if nothing more had happened than a plug had fallen out of the sockets of one of his amps. This guy is hardcore, down to earth-ness, plain awesome! In a re-write of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory he would so get cast as Violet Beauregarde – and he would own that part! But I do worry!

I worry that at some point his little (as he clearly must have in there) hamster cheek gum storage will let him down and that that bad boy piece of gum will hop to the back of his throat! I have sat through many a tv gig (I am yet to see them live) and wondered a) how can he sing so enthusiastically with the gum in there? Thought b) how does it not just drop out onto the floor? Worried c)please don’t choke! and pondered d) what must his stomach acid be like?!

One moment of Grohl Gum hilarity came when, during a live gig, he got some of his minty gum saliva on the microphone and was harassed by a bee which had been attracted by the sugary sweetness! Only the Grohl!

I have read that he has said the reason behind his excessive chewing is to help lubricate his mouth and to help him scream better! Well, he certainly does scream well…


By all accounts, the favoured gum!

photo credit ajournalofmusicalthings.com

If for some unknown reason you have not yet succumbed to the ways of The Grohl, I urge you to do so. If you like showmanship, honesty, integrity and out and out fun in your rock stars then this is the guy to watch. Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

From reading my previous post The Choreography of Birth you will see that Hubs and I are rather fond of the Foos. Hubs being the young rocker who converted me, a Steps loving, Bryan Adams word perfect, Nirvana dabbler, REM sing-a-longer rather non-rocker, into the rock loving woman I am today!

Yes, I know. But, rock is good. I even earned serious Wife Points when for our 6th year Wedding Anniversary celebrating Iron, I booked tickets to fly to Ireland and see Iron Maiden!

I wonder which anniversary I can get away with buying Foo tickets for? Is there a Gum anniversary?!


picture credit drummerworld.com

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