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The Aloha Mummy blog covers all areas of me; The Aloha Mummy. Features include family, fitness, friendship, homestyle and craft. All reviews and posts featured within my blog are my personal opinion.

At The Aloha Mummy I am happy to consider requests for reviews of products which would be suitable for the content of my lifestyle, my blog and my readers. If you have a product which you would like reviewed I am very happy for you to contact me via email. I am keen and always happy to promote local businesses and products, as well as larger national brands with new products.

I am also very passionate about Children’s Theatre and keen to promote performances for and by, children, young adults, college students, special needs groups, community groups.

If you have a performance which you would like included in my blog please contact me via email.  Please be aware that for the time being I am only able to attend those within a small geographical area – Devon.  If you are outside of this area but have something which you are happy to send on to me then I would of course be delighted to be able to work with you!

This is the only blog with which I am associated meaning I can dedicate my time and energy to promoting your products and performances.

Look forward to hearing from you!

The Aloha Mummy 🌸

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